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Testimonials InTheKnow Tarot + Numerology LLC

Testimonials and endorsements of satisfied customers and clients of InTheKnow Tarot + Numerology LLC.



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“I had a private session with Bethany a few weeks ago and WOW her ability is impressive! The insight that I received during our session was exactly what I needed. Bethany is straight forward, honest, and accurate! I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for direction and clarity because she will deliver!”

Wisconsin Psychic Medium Sara Beaupre


"I am a skeptic and a therapist who relies on evidence based interventions in my practice. But knowing Bethany through other avenues led her to offer me a reading which I turned down, for years.... until my curiosity got the best of me. That first reading was incredible. I could not believe how helpful it was!! Bethany is empathic, incredibly sensitive and intuitive. I valued her feedback and it helped me when I really needed some direction regarding starting my own business. Bethany values practicality and has a gift for meeting folks right where they are, skeptical or not. Her insight gave me a wider perspective and I am so grateful. She clearly has a gift!"

Kathy S, Appleton WI

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"Bethany is my go-to referral for friends and individuals in my life who really are 'stuck' trying to figure out their path, or just not getting the answers they need in their everyday life. Bethany's keen intuition and work with the tarot cards has personally provided me with straightforward guidance. Her interpretation of the cards has always related well to the question in hand, and she is also able to help me discern and pick apart other areas to address. Bethany and her cards truly work hand in hand to provide you the most in depth and pointed reading you will ever receive. Her very astute interpretations lay out the map of pathways that provide you with a wealth of knowledge. She is keenly sensitive to a person's questions, and delivers the readings in a way that shows she's not fabricating any of this spiritual work. These readings are an incredible guide for those who choose to really listen to what she sees and picks up in each and every reading."

Emily, Roswell GA

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“We were looking for a professional, memorable and meaningful component to one of our Exhibition Opening Celebrations and Bethany over-delivered. You will find every type of person at our openings and Bethany spoke to the heart of each of them. From the skeptical to the most open-minded, Bethany made a true impact on each person she read for. She was kind, flexible and eager to share her gift with our community. One of our guests shared, ‘Wow. I had no idea what to expect or what I was even going to ask or say... she made me feel comfortable and my reading will definitely stay with me for a very long time.’"

Angela, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan WI

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“The Real Deal. Bethany made me a believer in Tarot. I have utilized her services for a few years now and every time I am amazed at how much she can pick up about my life just by listening to the cards. Her reading style is straight-forward and personable while focusing on the issues I present, as well as elaborating on specific things that I hadn't even considered! She has a unique gift. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!”

Chelle, Vancouver WA

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“Bethany has been my go-to reader for about 2 years now. Whether I have specific questions or just want to have a reading, she is excellent at making your reading as comfortable and accurate as possible. She answers questions to the best of her ability, as well as keeping things very open and honest. I have found her to be one of the most accurate readers I have come across. She is such a warm, welcoming soul that I recommend her to anyone looking for a reading!”

Areka N, Appleton WI

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"Life renewed! Bethany always nails it. What clearer picture and amazing experience of intuition and guidance. If there's one thing you should put on your bucket list this should be it. After your experience you're going to wish you lived closer! Her direction and spirit are truly a gift to all."

Melissa Thomas, Covington WA

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“I had such an amazing experience with Bethany. In my session, she did both a Neumerology chart as well as Tarot reading for me. I found her to be incredibly incisive and deeply intuitive. Her nature is very open, and her spirit exudes warmth. She is direct and clear in what she communicates. I felt very comfortable and so cared-for. She is so gifted in her craft, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I look forward to many more readings with Bethany!”

C. Wietzel, Milwaukee area, WI


“Incredibly insightful, thorough...absolutely wonderful. Bethany is an absolute gem. She has a wonderful gift of being able to pair thoughtful and present consult with numerology. It’s an amazing experience that opens doors that you may have never thought of opening, and the gentle guidance offered by numerology resonates long after the reading is complete. I use this as a way of exploring areas of my life that may be a bit foggy. Bethany assists in offering clarity for unanswered questions, the answers may not always be immediate, but they are most certainly there. All one needs to do is pay attention.”

- K. Strunsee, Milwaukee area, WI


“I have had one session with Bethany and would recommend her highly as a genuine, kind-hearted advisor. I instantly felt like she was a friend and I was impressed by how much info was provided during our session. If I lived closer to her area I would make this a more regular appointment for guidance, but even just getting to have one visit was highly worthwhile and I walked away very encouraged.”

R. Turner, Milwaukee area, WI


“Incredible. Very insightful, validating, and illuminating. Bethany gave me language and words for characteristics I didn’t have previously and a deeper sense of self-awareness. It was so meaningful, relevant, and impactful!”

Jessica L, Oconomowoc WI


“I've had several great tarot readings with Bethany. She is always spot on. I highly recommend a Numerology reading, too. Those are always so incredibly insightful, and again, spot on! She's terrific.”

Kate Trnka, Appleton WI


“I’ve been seeing Bethany for more than 4 years and have to say the guidance and direction I’ve received has been incredible. If you want an honest, clear, future focused perspective. I suggest a full hour tarot reading and numerology chart.”

D. Alexander, Appleton WI


“Insightful and reassuring, Bethany, with her many years experience and knowledge will assist you on your spiritual path; accurately and appropriately. You pick the cards and free will prevails; shell guide you to listen to your source.”

D. Hardy, Green Bay WI


“Bethany is a very gifted and intuitive person. She is passionate about her work. People who come to see her are often “ blown-away” by her accuracy. Bethany has many years of experience, and I highly recommend her.”

K. Rose, Appleton WI


“My name is Jenny Kraemer and I live in the state of WI. Yes, land of the ‘cheese-heads.’ I wanted to tell you of my own experiences of going to Bethany for a reading.

I always feel she is genuine and I come out better from a reading in spirit & heart. Bethany has a ‘real gift,’ is honest, and full of good positive energy. I never know where a reading will take me as she reads me with her tarot cards. I have gotten the unexpected and the ‘aha moments,’ tears and laughter, fulfillment of mind & spirit as I have needed. The setting is always warm & inviting, and Bethany's greeting puts you at ease from the start.

I do not live by the tarot cards. I find it helps me to take notes during a reading & for future reference I will look back once in a while and better understand what is going on in my life. Many times Bethany has shared with me in these readings things that have already happened in my life. This gives me validation of her gift, or things happen to my surprise in the future, that Bethany had referenced to in her reading of me.

Bethany gives me clarity! I wonder how does she do this at times, because she has been spot on. But then I remember she is ‘gifted in a special way,’ and it is not for me to understand.

Bethany has also gotten me to listen to my inner self, my spirit & heart, to find some peace & satisfaction in my own self. What a special spirit Bethany is to bring this feeling!

We live in a world of technology, where eyes do not meet much, or feelings are not shared, and a touch in a handshake or a hug is rare. Not so in Bethany's presence! Instead your spirit will feel lighter, a warmth fills you in her presence, eyes meet, and so a reading begins…”

Jenny Kraemer, WI


Images from the Motherpeace Tarot published by permission from Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble. (Thank you so much!)