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July 2019 Universal Numbercast+Tarotscopes


JULY 2019


Hello! Welcome to the second installment of my new monthly series:
Universal Numbercast + Tarotscopes

After months of below average temperatures, summer is finally in full swing here in Wisconsin! I’m feeling pretty grateful for air conditioning right now. I hope all you folks in the Northern Hemisphere are staying nice and cool (and for all of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you are warm and cozy).

First things first: If you missed the first installment of this series, you may want to check it out here before reading this month’s forecasts. It will help you make far greater sense of the analysis below.

As we discussed last month, we are in the thick of a 3 Universal Year. The Universal Year is the worldwide vibration every human on the planet operates under. We are all affected on some level by this vibration. It may not be the prevalent ruler in all our day-to-day dealings, but it is witnessed and seen in our national and world news headlines, societal trends, and cultural attitudes. In this way, these vibrations trickle down from the top, sprinkling their energies through the fabric of our collective consciousness. These are the lessons we need to experience, learn, and navigate as a whole, and as world citizens.

At the beginning of July, we are at the apex of this 3 Universal Year. Like the sun in the Summer Solstice, it’s energies are at their strongest. As the new year approaches, the energy of this number is likely to morph and change as it ushers in the new energy.

A reminder on how the Universal Year is calculated:

First, we break down the numbers of the calendar year, and add them together. 2+0+1+9 = 12.
Second, we take that total, break them down again, and add them up: 1+2 = 3.

As I discussed last month, the 3 Universal Year vibration rules the realm of communication. Expressing and exploring ideas takes higher precedence and priority. It tends to be a year focused on social interaction, lively conversation, and play time. As a result, people may experience difficulty sitting still and paying attention to more solemn matters. 3 fosters the feeling of want to have fun and enjoy the lighter side of life, so trying to get serious matters addressed by the masses will take some concerted, motivated effort.

3 is the number of youth, so people may prioritize issues and have many discussions about the well-being of babies, children, and young people. With 3 being an emotional number, people will likely be speaking from the heart rather than the logical mind.

The focus is on living in the now moment, not necessarily futuristic planning. It’s a time of dreaming and talks about the creative possibilities, however creating strategies for the solid execution of any plans may depend heavily upon the influence of the Universal Month at hand. That being said, July may prove to be one of those months- for on July 1st we begin a 1 Universal Month. More on that in a moment.

Let’s remind ourselves how that Universal Month mathematical equation works:

To calculate the Universal Month, you add the current numeric month to the Universal Year. With July being the 7th month of the year, the current formula becomes 7+2+0+1+9 = 19. Add 1+9, and you get the number 10. 1+0 = 1, so therefore you get a 1 Universal Month.

To set the scene, let’s briefly touch on last month’s 9 Universal Month.

In June, we discussed the combination of the 3 Universal Year and the 9 Personal month. With the 3’s focus on communication and the 9’s focus on humanitarian efforts, it was an excellent time to use our voices to speak up for the greater needs of our fellow human beings. In my country (USA), last month we witnessed an excellent example of this in action: The comedian Jon Stewart (comedy is also ruled by the 3) delivered an impassioned speech at a Congressional Hearing, reprimanding lawmakers at a House Judiciary Committee for not reauthorizing the extension of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. The power of his language on behalf of the 9/11 first responders has (since the publication date of this blog) breathed new momentum and life into the future of the bill.

July takes on a decidedly different flair with that 1 vibration. Where the 9 focused on forgiveness, letting go, and setting aside one’s ego for the common good, the 1 comes along and says “Now it’s time to begin new chapters and endeavors. Now it’s time to do things the way _I_ want.”

As I’ve said before, every number has it’s positive and negative attributes. Let’s focus first on what can go right under this vibration:

THE LIGHT SIDE: The action-oriented 1 combined with the creative 3 can spark exciting new artistic contributions, triggering meaningful conversations that engender forward progress on issues that were previously stagnant. Innovation thrives under the 1/3 combo, so new industries and revenue-generating avenues may burst onto the scene. The 1 is bold, and wants to daringly charge forward into the future. Combined with the 3, this could generate proactive problem-solving initiatives on a large scale, potentially bringing energy and flow where things were previously stuck. When positively expressed, both the 1 and 3 are action-oriented “can do” numbers. With cooperation, a great deal can get initiated and accomplished under this influence.

That being said, to throw a little astrology into the mix: we have Mercury Retrograde going into effect from July 7th through the end of the month. Mercury rules communication, and when it goes retrograde, crucial information can fall through the cracks. It’s probably wiser to do a lot of chatting and planning during this time, and save the implementation date for another day in the not-too-distant future.

THE SHADOW SIDE: The 1 energy is notoriously stubborn. Since 1 is the ruler of new beginnings, birth, and focuses on “number one” (aka the self), take the darker side of the 3 (superficiality, gossip), these numbers could combine to create displays of anger, self-interest at the expense of others, backbiting, and name-calling. Conversations could easily dissolve into toddler-esque shouting matches, if neither side exercises caution.

Adding to this potential mess, we have to contend with Mercury Retrograde, so this possibility will be even stronger. Both the 1 and 3 are prone to impulsivity, so this is not a good time to lose one’s mind. Try not to crack off like Krakatoa. Should you encounter someone that’s ready to blow, it’s best to disengage and wait for things to blow over. Keeping a cool head is in everyone’s best interest. Don’t be a hothead- dunk yourself in ice if need be!

Taking these numbers into consideration, let’s move on to your Monthly Tarotscope, broken down by your Birthpath number.

To review: your Birthpath represents the inborn gifts and natural personality traits you brought with you into this world. To calculate your Birthpath, add your day of birth, month of birth, and year of birth, then reduce it down to one number as delineated above. Example:
October 16, 1972
1+0+1+6+1+9+7+2= 27
2+7 = 9

(For those who are already advanced in numerology, this forecast will bypass the Master Numbers- i.e. if you are an 11/2, 22/4, 33/6 etc, please read the tarotscopes for 2, 4, 6 respectively.)

Here we go:

IMG-2222 (1).JPG

Top Row: 1, 2, and 3 Birthpaths
Middle Row: 4, 5, and 6 Birthpaths
Bottom Row: 7, 8, and 9 Birthpaths

1 Birthpath: 6 of Pentacles
The 6 of Pentacles indicates you are in a position where you can charitably contribute something of worth to others in need. There is great satisfaction in helping others. Under this 1/3 influence, this could be an excellent time to give your support to youth artistic endeavors, new startups that show a great deal of potential, or making a donation to a local artistic community. No matter how large or small your contribution, give with your heart and you will be blessed tenfold. As the saying goes, “As you give, so shall you receive.”

2 Birthpath: Justice, tilted right
As a natural mediator and peacekeeper, the idea of rightness and fairness comes easily to you. You are usually not the executioner of Justice; rather, you are usually the quiet ally of victims, listening to their pain and affirming the justification of their feelings. When Justice is tilted right, it can indicate a time where your empathy may be in overdrive, focusing intently on how to balance out the world’s injustice with your words and efforts. Take care to avoid compassion fatigue. The world needs your gentleness, but avoid doing so at your own expense.

3 Birthpath: The Magician, tilted left
Spontaneous and ebullient, when the time for action arrives, you are usually the one to say “Okay! Let’s do this thing!” The Magician also possesses these qualities. However when The Magician turns left, the card says “Yes, we will take action- but first, we need to do some careful assessment.” July is a great time for researching every detail to make sure our intended plans hold water, and that there are no cracks in the foundation. Make plans, but withhold action until you are fully assured everything is airtight.

4 Birthpath: 4 of Vessels, tilted right
4s do best with orderliness, structure, and a predictable routine. But what if that order and predictability has precipitated a bit of boredom, even discontent? Are you able to recognize opportunities to create a fresh and better structure and routine for yourself? The 4 of Vessels tilted right says to look outside yourself, and ask what different goals may jazz things up in your world. Use the initiative of the 1 and the creative thinking of the 3, and let yourself dream about what new systems you could implement in your life.

5 Birthpath: Knight of Pentacles, tilted right
The adventure-craving 5 prefers to be on the go and make plans as they go along. However, the steadfast Knight of Pentacles suggests a more disciplined and determined approach at this time. Work on increasing your concentration. Make a plan and stick with it. 5s need a lot of freedom and movement, so if you need to go burn off some steam, do it- and then come right back to the task at hand. Your path to success lies in consistent, reliable effort.

6 Birthpath: King of Vessels
The kind-hearted, caring King of Cups fits quite naturally into your wheelhouse, dear 6 Birthpath. As an advice card for July, The King of Cups reminds us we are at our finest when we keep our emotional bodies well-balanced. If others around you lose control of their emotions, you have the choice and the power to remain composed, level-headed, yet still empathetic. You have the chance to demonstrate how our heart can be tempered by the head, and vice versa. Show the world how remaining calm and diplomatic can put things to right, and maybe you can douse a few fires with your soothing presence.

7 Birthpath: The Chariot, tilted left
The Chariot represents forward momentum driven by willpower and strong purpose. However when it tilts slightly left, the emphasis is on gathering of energy and mental preparation for movement and momentum in the near future. For example: before we leave for a major trip, what do we do? We double check our packing lists. We make sure all our paperwork is in order. We get clear on our goals and intentions for the trip. This is your task, 7 Birthpaths. 7s analyze at great length before taking decisive action, so do what comes naturally and do your usual research before setting things into motion.

8 Birthpath: The Tower, tilted left
The Tower represents destruction of the existing structure and order. Lightning strikes, and sets afire all in it’s path. It can create a dizzying array of damage and ruin.With the 1/3 Universal Combo on hand, this card suggests that little blazes can quickly turn into 5-alarm fires if we are not careful. Tempers may be hot, tensions may be high. The Tower tilted left urges a cautious, watchful approach in your conversations and dealings. As last month, continue to think before speaking. This is just as much for your peace as it is for others.

9 Birthpath: Two of Swords reversed
This card can signify a challenging time where there may be pressure to make some life choices, yet nothing seem like the “right” option. When reversed, it can represent being at a stalemate. The figure in the picture is blindfolded. It’s possible the current deadlock has been caused by unwillingness to look at issues head on. 9s can take idealism too far. If you aren’t feeling good about your options, do yourself a favor and make sure all your blinders are off. Be brutally honest and realistic about the situations around you. From there, an answer may emerge.

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Deck credit: Tarot of the Cloisters, Michelle Leavitt

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