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InTheKnow Tarot LLC Introduction to Bethany Abrahamson

This page introduces the viewer to Bethany Abrahamson, the owner of InTheKnow Tarot LLC, located in Appleton Wisconsin USA. She performs tarot readings and does numerology consultations.



 Bethany Abrahamson

Bethany Abrahamson

As recently seen and featured in the "Talkin' Tarot" interview series
by Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady). Click here for the article.

My Mission Statement
To put people back in touch with their own intuition, one reading at a time.


Oftentimes when people think of tarot readers, they imagine gypsy-inspired clothing, crystal balls, the summoning of spirits, dim lighting, and dour predictions of irreversible doom-and-gloom. (We can primarily thank the movies for that.)

That’s not me. That’s not what I do.

My name is Bethany Abrahamson. I'm a tarot professional, numerologist, and intuitive. My line of work may be considered "eccentric," but overall, I'm a fairly ordinary person. I just happen to work as an advisor, delivering practical advice via mystical means. It’s just me, my cards, my calculator, and real conversation about real world problems.

My delivery is open, relational, genuine, and grounded. I've found tarot and numerology to be exceptionally helpful for life-planning, and I love to get right down to business.

I've been reading tarot for 22 years, and doing numerology for 26 years. Throughout those decades I’ve read for a huge variety of people on every topic imaginable, from the trivial to critical, and everything in-between.

Currently I reside in Appleton, Wisconsin. My primary focus is delivering phone readings for clients that live across the Unites States. I have also opened an Appleton office where I conduct in-person readings. 

I frequently tell others "I'm not really a 'fortune teller.' I'm more like a weather forecaster.” I analyze today's patterns to see what results they bring down the road. The good news is, unlike the weather, we can change many of these patterns if we don't like the results they are likely to create.

A good reading is like getting a tune-up for the soul and the mind, and that's what I aim to provide.

If this resonates with you, come check out my other pages and get to know me better. If you like what you see, consider booking a reading!