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Cave Point, Door County WI

Cave Point, Door County WI

"I'd love to get a reading, but I'm afraid of hearing bad things. Will you tell me bad things?"

It is my ethical responsibility to tell you what I see, both positive and negative. However I would encourage you to shift your perspective about what "bad" may mean. Sometimes the cards will try to tell you a direction you are traveling is not in your best interest. If you were told that you could make a change and avoid a difficult situation, wouldn't you want to know? Many negative situations can be avoided altogether, with a little nudge toward a more harmonious path. Also, there is truth to the saying "Forewarned is forearmed." If you do have to face an unavoidable and unpleasant situation, sometimes the cards will give you crucial advice about how best to handle it, and also when the difficulty may pass. For some folks, this can provide a light at the end of the tunnel. Be open to the possibility that "hearing bad things" may prove to serve your highest good when all is said and done.

"I'm curious about tarot and/or numerology, but my religion makes me worry that God will disapprove. What do you advise?"

I have no desire to force anyone into getting a reading, let alone attempt to make tarot converts out of people. Moreover, I accept my clients no matter where they are in their personal faith and spiritual journey (or lack of one). If you're just not comfortable, it's okay. I will tell you that readings aren't just for new-agey types. Many of the people I read for are highly religious people, and they attend church every week. For some of those folks, they feel that getting readings helps supplement and anchor their faith, and they believe readings are another conduit for God to speak to them. You don't have to throw over your faith or beliefs in order to participate in a tarot session. If you come to see me for a session, great! If not, it's all good! You do whatever you need to do to be comfortable. Whatever your belief, whatever your faith, my advice is: just be you, and do what feels right for you.

"I'm afraid if I play with tarot cards, I'll summon the Devil or other evil spirits. Is that true?"

In my experience? Nope. Never seen it, never experienced it, nor do I know of anyone who ever has. That's the kind of fallacy and misrepresentation you see in the movies. I'm all about working in love and light, as are many other reputable readers. It is literally nothing I've ever worried about, nor had to worry about, ever in my lifetime. My recommendation is that you don't worry about it either.

"Are you a medium? Do you speak to the dead?"

I do not describe myself as a medium, no. If you are primarily seeking a medium's services, I can refer you to a few excellent, compassionate, and reputable practitioners.

"Will you tell me when I/my spouse/my family member/my friend is going to die?"

Ummm... no. That information is out of my jurisdiction. Not my business.

"Are you psychic?"

Over the years, that word has come to make me cringe. It has become a catch-all word that generically describes a wide variety of readers and skill-sets. In my opinion it has become overbroad, and overused. I prefer to describe myself as an intuitive empath. I sense things. I have feelings and hunches which guide my day-to-day reading work and personal life. Some people would call that "psychic." Personally, I simply refer to it as intuition.

"How do you read the cards?"

This is where the term "intuition" really comes into play. The best way I can describe how I interpret the cards is there is this "switch" inside me. It has two primary settings: Literal, and Intuitive. When I lay out the cards and assess those first few cards, that switch usually swings to one of those settings. When it swings over to Literal, I know I'm supposed to give a more traditional by-the-book interpretation. However when it swings over to Intuitive, that's when I know it's time to get quiet and let the cards "talk." Sometimes I will see the figures in the cards get up and move around. Sometimes I will be pointed to one particular symbol within the card, or the number on the card or background color is important for some reason. Sometimes I will hear a song lyric, or a random catchphrase will fly through my mind. There is really no one set way that I read the cards. I just feel out which direction the switch is pointed, and I step out in faith onto that.