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August 2019 Universal Numbercasts+Tarotscopes




We continue our journey through the 3 Universal Year by heading deeper into its second half, moving away from its strongest energies at the end of June, ever-so-slowly waning much like the full moon decreases in size after its peak.

For reminders on the meaning of the Universal Year and the Universal calculation process, please visit either the June or July Tarotscopes+Numbercasts for more information.  

As I’ve discussed in the previous posts mentioned above, 3 as a temporary energetic influence highlight issues around communication, self-expression, and children/youth. The 3 also rules creativity, so the sharing and exploration of ideas often takes precedence. Dreaming about future possibilities tends to shine and flourish under this vibration, and yet easy-going living for the present moment is usually what takes over. Taking the practical steps necessary to create these thought possibilities can fall through the cracks unless there is a more grounded, action-oriented number paired with the daydreaming 3. We just finished a 1 Universal Month, where the dynamic, can-do innovative energy of the 1 paired with the 3, giving solid framework for new ideas to take root in real time.

August is a 2 Universal Month, and stands in stark opposition to the self-motivated nature of the 1. 2 vibrations bring forward lessons about the importance of harmonizing, cooperation, and peaceful mediation. The 2 says “Not me. We.” It commands us to slow down, not rush things, be considerate, and pay attention to fine details. Practice forgiveness for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Like the 3, the 2 is also one of the emotional numbers, so people’s feelings and sensitivities are likely to be stronger than normal. 2 is a feminine number, so issues revolving around women and women’s personal power may attract more attention than usual.

So how might this 3 year and 2 Universal Month integrate together? With each number carrying it’s light and shadow side, let’s explore both sides of the coin:

THE LIGHT SIDE: A slower pace brings the opportunity for rest, relaxation, and contemplation. Through such a downshift, it’s possible that folks may be able to set aside the noise and static that keeps people divided and separated, providing the chance for individuals to truly hear one another instead of just shouting over one another. 2s are inherently quiet vibrations, so the larger vibe may be one of lying low and doing a lot of deep thinking. We may also see large-scale lessons highlighting the importance of compromise, and of cultivating more meaningful connections with friends and loved ones.

THE SHADOW SIDE: Because of the 2’s depth of feeling, there may be a national/universal disposition of gloom, sorrow, and depression. The dualistic nature of the 2 is prone to mood extremes, so people may find themselves more prone to major emotional swings. Because sensitivities are heightened, folks may find themselves interacting in a more reactionary way. Feelings may be more easily hurt. Because the 2 vibe doesn’t lend itself to outright communication and potential conflict, people’s true emotions and intentions may go underground, and passive-aggressive behavior may flourish.

MY ADVICE DURING THIS VIBRATION: Honor people by trying to put yourselves in their shoes and see where they’ve come from, and from there begin your communication. Try to understand the motivations of others as a way of better understanding the dynamics around you. Say little, and say it with tact and diplomacy. Give your words care and profound consideration. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior. Let yourself slow down, and train your brain to be highly observant of life’s intricacies- it may benefit you down the road.

Taking these numbers into consideration, let’s move on to your Monthly Tarotscope, broken down by your Birthpath number.

To review: your Birthpath represents the inborn gifts and natural personality traits you brought with you into this world. To calculate your Birthpath, add your day of birth, month of birth, and year of birth, then reduce it down to one number as delineated above. Example:
May 22, 1987
5+2+2+1+9+8+7= 34
3+4 = 7

(For those who are already advanced in numerology, this forecast will bypass the Master Numbers- i.e. if you are an 11/2, 22/4, 33/6 etc, please read the tarotscopes for 2, 4, 6 respectively.)

Here we go:

Top Row: 1, 2, and 3 Birthpaths Middle Row: 4, 5, and 6 Birthpaths Bottom Row: 7, 8, and 9 Birthpaths

Top Row: 1, 2, and 3 Birthpaths
Middle Row: 4, 5, and 6 Birthpaths
Bottom Row: 7, 8, and 9 Birthpaths

1 Birthpath: 7 of Swords
Under the 3/2 vibration, the 7 of swords may indicate a time where the demands of teamwork and cooperation may be met with resistance- after all, the 1 Birthpath is highly independent and accustomed to going it alone. Perhaps you may feel an aversion, or a lack of trust, toward someone with whom you need to collaborate. How did this distrust begin? Was it something they did, or could it be a result of your own actions? Either way, you have the power to cease your own input into this dynamic. Whether you do it through forgiveness of another, owning up to your actions, or just choosing to end things peaceably, now is a good time to end this adverse feeling in your life.

2 Birthpath: The Devil
The presence of The Devil in any reading is often unsettling, for it usually represents the forfeiture of our autonomy to something toxic. Under a 3/2 influence, this microscope is usually focused on our relationships and communication styles. It’s a good time to take an honest assessment of your life in this realm. How healthy are your relationships? How effective and well-balanced are your communications with others? Or is there some toxic habit or presence in your life that is negatively impacting your primary/secondary relationships? Take your pulse and see. If so, seek ways to release that which knocks you off balance and hampers your true connectivity to those you love.

3 Birthpath: The World
The World in this 3/2 vibration signifies great satisfaction and happy conclusions for the fun-loving 3. This Universal Year is generally a natural fit for the 3 Birthpath, for it is a year that values creativity and positivity. The World represents how these qualities, combined with hard work, can culminate in great success and fulfillment. The key to creating this beautiful vibration in your life under the 3/2 vibration is to settle down and pay attention to the many little details that need your consideration. The effervescent 3 can be a little scattered and inattentive, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Buckle down and see your projects through to the end so you can reap the rewards of this beautiful card.

4 Birthpath: 8 of Pentacles
Lucky you, dear 4 Birthpaths- the 8 of pentacles should resonate marvelously with you, the master of efficiency and production! The8 of Pentacles indicates a time of heightened labor and hard work. With the right mindset, you can get quite a bit accomplished under this influence. The 3 in the 3/2 can have a scattering effect- lean into the detail-oriented 2 vibe to help support the mission of the 8 of Pentacles. Knowledge is power, and this card represents just how powerful and transformative the learning process can be. Seek out the wisdom and expertise of other accomplished colleagues and mentors in your field. Learn from them. Be a student. Focus on quiet productivity- you love productivity! Be teachable; the information imparted to you could bring you up to the next level.

5 Birthpath: Page of Cups
The Page of Cups invites you into the world of feelings, intuition, and sentimentality- a perfect assignment during this 3/2 vibration. As the 2 beckons us to slow down, our intuitive mind is given the chance to catch up with our conscious mind. Now is the time to let your emotions and gut instincts lead the way. Where do you feel led? What is plucking your heart strings? Flow with it. See where it takes you. Let the curious adventurer in you take the reins. Maybe it’s time to take up a new creative hobby, or explore somewhere new that sets your heart and imagination on fire. Embrace what you want. Let your soul lead the way. Listen to your heart. Follow your bliss.

6 Birthpath: Justice
6 Birthpaths feel a strong desire to uphold the law, and to stand up for what is right (as they understand it). Therefore Justice is right at home in this placement. With the 3/2 influence, communication via the written word (3) combined with diplomacy and tact (2) are most favored. Now is a good time to express your advocacy through blog posts, online discussion (keep it civil, folks), and attending community events aimed at raising awareness and fostering a collective dialogue are all great examples of how this dynamic can play itself out. Justice does require us to stay rooted in logic and not to be swayed by emotion, so try to stay anchored and detached while navigating the double emotional impact of the 3/2.

7 Birthpath: 9 of Pentacles
Although 7 Birthpaths don’t often prioritize the pursuit of substantial financial gain, they are often viewed as experts in their chosen career or interests, which often leads to monetary increases. The verdant, luscious 9 of Pentacles encourages you to appreciate the abundance your expertise has created for you, and can create again. The 3 of the 3/2 combo you coaxes the 7 Birthpath to rest assured that combining imaginative thinking with your astute mind can always provide you with what you need. The 2 perfectly complements the 7 Birthpath’s desire for quietude. Treat yourself to a day of luxury. Go ahead and spend a little extra on yourself. See it as an affirmation of the prosperity you are able to generate by the virtue of your intelligence and adept skills.

8 Birthpath: 5 of Swords
8 Birthpaths are likely to not pair well with the delicate, emotive 3/2 Universal energy combo. 8 Birthpaths are powerful masterminds whose decisiveness and authoritative presence can fill an entire room. They crave control and organization. The 5 of swords points toward this conflict between the 8 and 3/2 dynamic. For example, an 8 Birthpath’s desire to expedite a conversation can come across as harsh to more sensitive groups of people, causing clashes between the two sides. Conversely, the 5 of swords can also indicate that life may feel like a battleground, with conflicts and skirmishes all around you. Let the softer 2 vibe lead you through your uncomfortable conversations- the power of fewer subtle words may actually help you win your argument.

9 Birthpath: The Lovers
What a lovely placement for The Lovers- it’s message syncs up gorgeously with the passionate, love-driven 9 Birthpath. The Lovers emphasizes the power of two: two minds, two hearts, two souls that openly trust one another, allowing themselves to share freely and show their authentic selves to one another. This doesn’t have to be a romantic or physically intimate connection either- this can be the love of friends or even family. It’s that special person to whom you can lay all threadbare and be unconditionally loved. The 2 in the 3/2 supports this combination. Let this month be a time of deep and loving connection between you and the special person/people in your life that fill your life with love and joy. Prioritize them. Let them know just how important they are to you.

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Deck credit: Shadowscapes Tarot, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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