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Acknowledgements InTheKnow Tarot + Numerology LLC

People and businesses to whom InTheKnow Tarot + Numerology LLC, would like to thank for their help and support.



My first successful blooming peony bush

My first successful blooming peony bush

I would like to express my sincerest and deepest gratitude to all the people that have helped me, as well as those who assisted me in the creation of my business and website. Their numbers are many, but I will endeavor to remember them all!


Theresa Reed, whose business mentoring services have proved invaluable, and whose personal encouragement these past few years has been fundamental in bringing me to this new chapter.

Deborah Lighthart, who first pushed me into the professional realm back in 2000. I owe her my lifelong thanks and gratitude for all her support and insights.

Kathy Johnson at Stellar Media Design, for her fantastic guidance and assistance in helping me launch my website.

The Logo Company, for my gorgeous logo.

Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble at Motherpeace, for graciously allowing me to use images of their tarot deck on this site. Thanks also to them for creating my favorite deck of all time!

The warm and welcoming folks at Alternatives Holistic Health & Wellness Center who invited me in, and have made me right feel at home.

My lawyers who reviewed everything, and informed me every step of the way.

The wonderful staff who took such good care of me when I was working at the bookstore.

All my beloved regular clients.

My crew of girlfriends. You know who you are.

My amazing brother, who is the very model of integrity and unconditional love.

My mother, whose emotional, spiritual, and practical support has been crucial to me in so many ways.

My husband Joe, who in all things, and at all times, is my best friend and greatest supporter.

Posthumous thanks to:

Ken Nelson, who was an incredible mentor, and a beloved family friend.

My late father. Love you always. Love, your Pee-Wee "Überm Sternenzelt muss ein lieber Vater wohnen." (o'er the stars unfurl'd must reside a loving Father.) ~  Friedrich Schiller, "Ode to Joy"